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A TeamDUI Cobb County DUI lawyer has decades of DUI defense experience in Cobb County State Court and all the municipal courts in Cobb County, including Marietta Municipal Court. Cobb County is a very populous county with many unique cities. Cobb County is very serious about arresting drunk drivers. There are many Cobb County police departments and sheriff’s departments, plus special DUI task forces. If you travel on unincorportaed Cobb County roads and are stopped and arrested for DUI, your court case will be held in Cobb County State Court. Your DUI case will also be bounded (moved) to State Court Cobb County if you request a jury trial. Municipal courts do not conduct jury trials. A veteran Cobb County DUI lawyer has successfully worked in all the municipal courts, as well as Cobb County State Court and Cobb County Superior Court. Our criminal defense attorneys know every prosecutor and every judge in Cobb. Each attorney is highly respected in his or her city’s municipal court, and the courtroom you can witness this professional respect between Cobb County judges, prosecutors, and DUI lawyers. Fro your first court appearance, known as a DUI arraignment, to the final outcome of your trial if one occurs, the best Cobb County DUI attorneys fight against a conviction every step of the way.

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At this stressful time in your life, you need sound legal advice from a top Cobb County DUI attorney. You need someone with as much if not more legal experience than the prosecutor assigned to your case. You deserve a professional, understanding criminal lawyer who understands the crippling effect a DUI conviction can have on you and your family. We know the last thing you need is a lifetime of DUI penalties to derail your future plans. A Cobb County DUI conviction is not something you will want to broadcast to the world. People make mistakes, but those mistakes do not have to destroy all the accomplishments one has worked for all their life. One night can change the course of your entire life. You see the flashing blue lights, you here the siren, and your heart sinks. What started out as a good time with a few friends turns into a night of terror and humiliation. Photographed, fingerprinted, searched, and marched off to a shared cell. No way to retrieve numbers from your cell phone. Frantic calls to bail bond companies and family members. The humiliation of getting picked up by a family member outside the Cobb County Adult Detention Center. You have had enough pain and suffering. Do not continue the fight alone. Give us a call at 844-832-6384 and turn this nightmare around now.

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The Cobb County prosecutor’s office received your case details the next day after your arrest. A prosecutor is sifting through the police evidence right now – looking at breath test results, blood test results, a police video of your field sobriety tests, and the arresting officer’s version of what happened. A tireless Cobb County DUI lawyer will file for discovery, which means he or she will obtain a copy of your police video, breath test results, blood test results, and other evidence the prosecutor decides to use in Cobb County State Court. This right to review the incriminating evidence against you is guaranteed by the United States Constitution. With all police evidence in hand, your Cobb County DUI attorney can begin building a solid DUI defense strategy, and can craft pre-trial motions in an effort to exclude as much evidence as possible. Your attorney will cross-examine the arresting officer and look for mistruths in the officer’s testimony, or mistakes in police procedure during your arrest. If you try to defend yourself in court, unless you are an expert in GA DUI law, you will have no idea what motions to file or even if the arresting officer conducted a legal DUI investigation on the side of the road. You may not even know that field sobriety tests are completely VOLUNTARY. The best course of action to take if you get pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving is to remain silent as much as possible, tell the officer only your name and address, and politely decline to take the field sobriety tests. Most defendants do not follow this legal advice. Because they want to be polite and helpful, a driver will tell the officer where they are going, where they were, and if they have been drinking. The police officer is writing down everything you say, and also videotaping it. Please do not implicate yourself and make the officer’s job any easier.

Call and talk to one of our best Cobb County DUI lawyers. Your first consultation is absolutely FREE, and for compensation for your time we will send you a PDF copy of “The DUI Book”, a 430-page textbook on what to expect throughout your Cobb County DUI case process.

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