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Cobb County State Court hears hundreds of Cobb County DUI cases each week, and drunk driving cases range from first time DUIs to multiple DUIs and Cobb County felony DUIs. The overwhelming majority of first DUIs are charged as misdemeanor DUI, but can be charged as a felony DUI if circumstances of the Cobb County DUI arrest include injury or even death. Therefore the State Court Cobb County will be filled each weekday with a mixture of new first DUI offenders and repeat DUI offenders. Especially if this is your first ever appearance before a Cobb County judge, State Court can be an intimidating and bewildering place, and the courtroom proceedings may not make any sense. Your first court appearance after your Cobb County DUI arrest is called a DUI arraignment, and usually begins within days of your DUI arrest. This DUI arraignment date will be printed on the traffic summons that the Cobb County Corrections Department handed you as you were leaving the Cobb County Adult Detention Center. The traffic citation, or citations – if you were also charged with impeding the flow of traffic, an open container violation, or speeding – will show the date and time of your first court appearance. All Cobb County State Court sessions start promptly at 9:00 AM, and you must be seated in the courtroom on time.

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One of our top Cobb County DUI lawyers will attend the DUI arraignment for you so you don’t have to miss work or school. Your DUI attorney will consult with you prior to this first court appearance and recommend you plead not guilty. Many Cobb County DUI defendants simply and sadly plead guilty to DUI charges without putting up any fight. These people are either intimidated about appearing before a Cobb County judge and prosecutor, or they don’t comprehend the harsh GA DUI penalties that await them. These DUI penalties will last a lifetime, and a Cobb County DUI stays on your permanent criminal record. This means that when you apply for any future job, you must tell the potential employer that you have a DUI conviction. A Cobb County DUI conviction can affect your college admissions, your political office aspirations, and your ability to obtain a CDL license. Read through the 97 Consequences of a Georgia DUI Conviction at to get a sobering reminder of the hardships you face if you give up immediately and enter a DUI guilty plea. A Cobb County DUI arrest is in no way a DUI conviction! Our best Cobb County DUI lawyers win hundreds of DUI cases each year in Cobb County State Court. A “win” can mean a reduction in charges to reckless driving, or an acquittal. We will fight your Cobb County DUI charge from the moment you hire us. And we will go to Cobb County State Court for you to shield you from tough DUI prosecutors.

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As your Cobb County DUI case progresses over the following months and possibly even years, your Cobb County DUI lawyer will get copies of all police evidence the State of GA plans to use against you. This police evidence includes a copy of your DUI arrest police video that shows your performance on the VOLUNTARY field sobriety tests, roadside breath test results, and DUI blood test results. Your criminal attorney will thoroughly review every shred of police evidence in an effort to put up the best DUI defense in your case. After the DUI arraignment your DUI attorney will begin to file pre-trial motions with the State Court Cobb County office. These DUI pre-trial motions are reviewed by the judge, and he or she decides which police evidence to include or exclude. A veteran Cobb County DUI lawyer has filed thousands of targeted pre-trial motions, and knows which motions to file in what order, and when. Your drunk driving lawyer has built a battle strategy from day 1, and this DUI defense strategy is tailored to your specific circumstances. As your DUI case progresses, your criminal lawyer will adjust his or her strategy to best fight head-on the prosecutor’s evolving case. Top Cobb County law firms have decades of DUI defense experience, and have seen every imaginable situation involved in a DUI arrest, including hit and run, death, DUI under 21, and DUI Child Endangerment. Some of our DUI clients are still incarcerated in Cobb County jail, others are out-of-state clients who were visiting when they were arrested for a GA DUI, and the majority are law-abiding professionals who were stopped at a DUI checkpoint on the way home from a dinner party.

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If your Cobb County DUI arrest was in an unincorporated area of Cobb County, your DUI case will be heard in Cobb County State Court. If you were arrested for drunk driving or DUI Drugs within the city limits of Acworth, Austell, Kennesaw, Smyrna, Mableton, Powder Springs, or Marietta, typically your impaired driving case will start out in the Municipal Court of that city. These Cobb County Municipal Courts do not conduct DUI jury trials, so if you want a jury trial your DUI case will be bound over (moved) to State Court Cobb County. If you face a Cobb County felony DUI charge, your case will be heard in Cobb County Superior Court. Knowing in what courthouse your DUI case will be held can be confusing and frustrating. Even if your Cobb County traffic citation states that your first court appearance is in Marietta Municipal Court for example, your subsequent court appearances may be held in Cobb County State Court. One of our top Cobb County DUI lawyers will steer you through the complex Cobb County judicial system, and go through all the options in your case. The Cobb County State Court location is 12 E Park Square, Marietta, GA 30090. The phone number is (770) 528-1200. But call us first, and don’t delay even one day. In addition to your Cobb County DUI arraignment, you face a GA ALS (administrative license suspension) hearing WITHIN 10 DAYS of your DUI arrest. The GA DDS can suspend your GA driver’s license automatically unless you request an ALS hearing within 10 DAYS and pay a state-mandated $150 filing fee. We can intervene and stop this process. Call us at 844-832-6384 day or night.

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