Top-Rated DUI Lawyer Directory —–> is a unique online DUI-DWI attorney directory created by veteran DUI lawyer William C. (Bubba) Head. Each of the best DUI lawyers and DWI attorneys was invited by Mr. Head to be a member of this drunk driving attorney locator service. All members of are highly-credentialed defense lawyers with years of successful practice and industry recognition for their DUI attorney-at-law results. When you or a loved one are arrested for driving while impaired and facing charges of impaired driving, is your #1 source of competent, vetted DUI criminal lawyers from across the U.S. We handle all types of driving under the influence cases, from misdemeanor traffic offenses to felony charges. If this is your first ever major traffic offense, or if you have several impaired driving convictions on your record, we will match you with the criminal attorney who will uncover police errors, breath test machine errors, and faulty field sobriety test instructions. As you read this, you may feel like your pending drunk driving case is hopeless, that the police evidence is too damaging, especially your embarrassing performance on the roadside tests. You may not even remember your arrest until you wake up in a jail cell. More and more of our clients are being arrested for a combination of alcohol and drugs, especially prescription sleeping pills like Ambien. Ambien is a strong sleep medication that most people do not realize can take effect within 15 minutes and cause you to “sleep drive.” Find an experienced DWI attorney through our exclusive lawyer directory to receive the best representation for your case. —>

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Trouble never sleeps and neither do we. The best DUI attorneys at fight to protect your legal rights if you were arrested for drunk driving. Our goal is to WIN or reduce your DUI-DWI case. To do this, we must FIGHT by investigating all aspects of your case, filing pre-trial motions, and reviewing all police evidence and field sobriety tests done in your case. By investing in a criminal defense attorney, you can be confident that he or she has the drunk driving law background and skill level to provide you with the best DWI defense. By selecting a recognized DWI defense attorney, you enhance your chances for a favorable outcome. A favorable case outcome ranges from a reduction in charges to reckless driving, to an outright acquittal on all charges. Each case is unique, but every case has weaknesses that can be uncovered and used against the prosecution team. Find a veteran lawyer online now.

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The trial lawyers at are all highly credentialed with successful track records in their home state. Each member lists his or her years of criminal defense practice, prior case histories, top attorney reviews, and actual comments by happy clients. Check out each DWI attorney’s credentials, including awards, prior speaker presentations, attorney reviews, and other industry recognition. You deserve top-notch criminal legal representation during one of the most difficult times in anyone’s life. The legal system in all 50 States is confusing and intimidating to the average citizen, but not to our veteran criminal defense attorneys. We have successfully defended thousands of relieved clients who faced life-altering drunk driving charges, both misdemeanor and felony. When it comes to impaired driving cases, you must start fighting from day 1 after your arrest. In most states you face civil proceedings as well as a criminal trial. Your state’s department of driver services can suspend your license within 30 days of your arrest, and that license suspension can last for a whole year. Our well-known drunk driving attorneys will file a letter of appeal within 10 business days of your arrest, and this action will stop driver’s license loss.

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Do you need a criminal defence lawyer for a pending DUI-DWI? Contact us today for a FREE case evaluation and FREE 430-page DUI Book. Our attorneys will assess your facts and paperwork you provide, and speak to you in a FREE lawyer consultation. Then, after a thorough local attorney search, you decide which attorney you will hire. operates 24 hours a day and 7 days per week, enabling us to immediately answer your inquiry and show you how to beat a DUI. Call us at 1-844-TEAM-DUI to be connected to a highly-sought after local attorney. Or choose your state on our U.S. map to find the best criminal defense lawyer near you.

Locate the best DUI attorneys through our national directory ——> attorneys are proven, experienced lawyers from a DUI-focused law office who practice across the U.S.A. and know drunk driving law. Our DUI lawyer directory allows you to perform an online attorney search in a variety of ways, and to compare our best DWI attorney reviews. To contact the lawyer nearest you, use the map to the right to search by your court location. You can also call us at 1-844-TEAM-DUI.
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All DUI-DWI laws are state-specific. Therefore, no single attorney can know all of the nuances and the peculiarities of every State’s laws. In creating, Mr. Head was keenly aware of the extreme value of utilizing LOCAL drunk driving attorneys with stellar track records for fighting misdemeanor and felony cases for thousands of prior clients. Experience in the battlefield makes the most capable and best DWI attorneys. This is especially true for criminal defence lawyers who have devoted their careers to fighting for their DUI-DWI clients arrested for drunk driving offenses. Whether accused of alcohol or drug impairment, or both, we know how to challenge every aspect of the state’s DUI case. Use our best drunk driving attorney directory and contact us today to protect your legal rights. We can help you get past this serious event and move on.

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He saved me from two years in prison, a man of integrity, I thank God for him often.
He really worked hard for me to prove my innocence and worked hard to win! And we did! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of a top notch DUI attorney.
His thoroughness and diligence put our case in a position to completely overwhelm the judge, the court, the law enforcement community, and anyone else who had the misfortune to be party to the prosecution of my case.
I could not have found someone I trusted more with something that meant so much to me.


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