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Alcohol Content of Common Beverages


Alcohol Content of Common Beverages 

Beverage% Alcohol by VolumeTypical Serving SizeAlcohol in Typical Serving Size
Regular Beer5%12 ounces.60 ounces
Light Beer4%12 ounces.48 ounces
Table Wine12%5 ounces.60 ounces
Wine Cooler5%12 ounces.60 ounces
Vodka40%1.25 ounces.50 ounces
Gin40%1.25 ounces.50 ounces
Rum40%1.25 ounces.50 ounces
Tequila40%1.25 ounces.50 ounces
Bourbon40%1.25 ounces.50 ounces
Scotch40%1.25 ounces.50 ounces

This table shows the approximate alcohol content in typical servings of common alcoholic beverages. The figures shown are averages for all brands. The actual amount of alcohol in any type of drink varies somewhat from brand to brand. 

Alcohol Content

Everyone processes alcohol differently. For an idea of how alcoholic beverages could influence your blood alcohol content, learn how BAC is calculated.