Best GA DUI Lawyer Review

Yes, It Is Worth Fighting GA DUI Charges!

Pleading guilty to a DUI in Georgia is a lifetime BAD decision. DUI convictions in Georgia are forever. The repercussions and loss of entitlements that follow a DUI conviction are lengthy and harsh. Not talking to a skilled criminal defense attorney and getting legal advice on your chances of winning your DUI is a terrible mistake, especially when almost all criminal attorneys give free consultations.

Many people KNOW they must fight to save their job or their future. These people will be looking for the best DUI Attorney in Georgia, when they have been arrested. At, William C. Head has assembled the top DUI lawyers in Georgia in 20 different city locations. Well-known criminal defense attorney and Atlanta DUI lawyer Bubba Head put together this pre-screened group of dedicated and experienced criminal defense attorneys who focus on alcohol and drug criminal cases. You can open the website and make your own Best DUI Lawyer Review for DUI lawyers in Atlanta GA, Savannah GA, Columbus GA, Augusta GA, Macon GA, Albany GA or any other Georgia city.

Atlanta drunk driving lawyers Bubba Head and Jennifer Ammons created a one-of-a-kind copyrighted GRID for to show all of the consequences and DUI penalties of a DUI conviction. Go here for FULL details: This grid sets forth categories of Georgia DUI criminal penalties and driver’s license consequences of DUI conviction.

When potential DUI clients call our office to ask if it is “worth fighting” the DUI charges, we send this staggering list of negative consequences of a DUI conviction, so that they do not underestimate how a DUI can change their life forever. Learning this vital information AFTER their ill-advised guilty plea is entered creates and impossible situation of trying to UNDO their damaging plea decision, since Georgia law does not allow for such “second guessing” to be done. The guilty plea is FINAL, and is not subject to being expunction (removal from your record). – Call us TOLL FREE today at 1-844-832-6384 to find the best DUI lawyer in Atlanta or anywhere else in Georgia.