DUI License Suspension

DUI & driver’s license issues go hand-in-hand. If arrested for a DUI, one of the penalties you could be facing is the DUI license suspension. Many states have mandatory minimum DUI license suspensions if a driver is convicted of drunk driving or if a driver has refused the state-administered chemical testing of their blood alcohol content.A first time DUI-DWI conviction can result in a licenses suspension anywhere from 30 days to more than a year, depending on the state. It is not unusual for subsequent DUI convictions to result in increased license suspensions and even permanent revocation of your driving privileges.

Additionally, most states could enforce an administrative license suspension. The administrative suspension is completely separate from the criminal portion of a DUI-DWI case and is typically held in a court separate from the criminal case. The administrative suspension does not replace any other penalties or suspension that could result from the outcome of the criminal case.

This automatic, administrative license suspension occurs when a driver has been arrested for drunk or impaired driving and the officer has revoked the driver’s license. When this occurs, the driver is typically issued a temporary permit. The driver is then allowed a very brief period of time (less than 2 weeks) to file an appeal of this administrative suspension. If an appeal is filed, the driver will be allowed to continue driving on the temporary permit issued pending the outcome of the administrative hearing. If an appeal is not filed, the driver would be facing a license suspension for up to 12 months.

If you have been arrested for DUI-DWI, don’t wait even a day to speak to a DUI attorney. It could be the difference in keeping your driving privileges and a DUI license suspension before your criminal case is even heard. Find out if you should file an administrative appeal today by speaking to a knowledgeable DUI lawyer today.

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