Know the DUI bail terms -

Know the DUI Bail Terms


Skipping Out On DUI Bail
If you used a commercial bail bonding company to post your bail and get out of jail, you MUST COMPLY with every DUI bail term your bonding company states on their legal agreement. The most important one is you must appear in court on the assigned date and time listed on your DUI citation. If you don’t, you are “skipping out on bail” and the bail bondsman will send out a bail enforcement agent, or “bounty hunter” to track you down and bring you back to jail.

The bail bond company does this because if they cannot bring you in, this leads to bond forfeiture and the bondsman has to pay your entire bond amount. Other names for skipping out on bail are “absconding” and “jumping bail.” Whatever it’s called DON’T DO IT! Bounty hunters are notoriously rough on fugitives, and they have wide legal power to detain and arrest you. Talk to a deeply-experienced DUI attorney about your responsibilities under a DUI bond agreement.

Beware the DUI Bounty Hunter!
Bail bonding companies provide an invaluable service to their local community. Most people arrested for DUI do not have the necessary cash, credit, or real estate collateral to fully satisfy their bond amount. So a bail bond company will put up 10% – 15% of your bond amount in exchange for you showing up in court when called. If you don’t show, a bounty hunter is dispatched immediately to find you, arrest you, and bring you back to jail. Bounty hunters work around the clock, and they do not need a search warrant to come inside your residence and apprehend you. In most states they must be licensed, carry insurance, and wear identifiable clothing. But don’t count on it. A thorough DUI lawyer in your city will know the state’s bounty hunter laws, and will defend against any illegal action taken by this person.

Always stay in touch with your bonding representative. Keep them informed of the progress of your DUI case, and communicate with them when they call you to remind you of a court date. Tell them if your residence address or mailing address changes. Once your local DUI-DWI specialist helps you get a reduction or a victory, always tell the bonding company about your excellent results, so they know who the best legal advocates are in your community. Obey DUI bail terms!

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