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DUI-DWI charges are a serious offense


DUI-DWI Charges are Serious Offense

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While most cases can appear fairly basic on the surface, one advantage experienced DUI defense lawyers have over general criminal attorneys is their specialized knowledge of details and the complexity that come with DUI charges. Criminal defense attorneys fighting DUI-DWI cases have to be skilled in both art and science. Utilizing expertise in chemical testing, how the human body functions, psychology, and electronics is imperative to successful defense litigation. For example, breathalyzers used in the United States are produced by at least four manufacturers and operate in one of at least THREE different ways to test a breath sample. Criminal attorneys must know how each machine functions to appropriately challenge evidence produced from the breathalyzer in your case and effectively cross-examine a state witness, such as an officer or machine operator, on the accuracy of the breathalyzer. A successful defense should also be knowledgeable with opinion evidence collected by the arresting officer. This usually consists of field sobriety tests and physical observations and manifestations of how a driver speaks, acts, and even smells. Field sobriety tests are thought to indicate a person's level of impairment. However, research has shown that these tests are often not uniformly conducted by the officer. There is actually no scientific basis the field sobriety tests are accurate indications of impairment, especially when the tests are performed on the side of a busy road. A skilled DUI-DWI litigation attorney will be able to determine if an officer incorrectly administered tests and possibly file pre-trial motions to have the field tests deemed inadmissible as evidence due to their lack of scientific backing or faulty instruction from the officer. These are only a few examples of how expert knowledge in DUI charges can make vast differences in a DUI-DWI criminal case. There are many other aspects to a DUI case and, therefore, many possible Drunk Driving Defenses. DUI litigators should research every single aspect of a DUI case. These cases require meticulous investigation and dedication. Criminal attorneys who do not take the necessary steps to aggressively defend a client are doing a disservice to the defendant. In addition, the inadequately prepared attorneys damage the legal industry by failing to sufficiently represent a client during a serious criminal matter that has the possibility to cause lasting devastation and consequences. If you have been arrested for a DUI-DWI, don't lose sleep by worrying. The attorneys at TeamDUI.com have years of practice experience and proven track records. They are recognized leaders in DUI-DWI defense and are able to analyze your specific case details to provide you with informed choices. Attorneys at TeamDUI.com can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-844-TEAM-DUI (1-844-832-6384) to answer your questions.

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