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DUI Expert Witnesses


DUI Expert Witnesses Can Get You Acquitted!

A final issue that must be resolved in many DUI-DWI cases is whether to retain DUI expert witnesses to testify at your trial. The expense of retaining such an expert (which can be considerable) must be balanced against the amount of assistance that can be provided by the expert and the consequences of a conviction to the defendant. The amount of assistance that can be provided by an alcohol expert usually depends on the principal issues in the case and on the type of chemical testing employed. If the main issues are primarily legal (e.g., unlawful arrest, illegal stopfailure to comply with administrative rule requirements, etc.), or relate to matters other than intoxication, then an expert witness is probably unnecessary. However, if the principal issue is whether the defendant was “intoxicated” or “under the influence of alcohol” at the time of the offense, or if the defendant is charged with a “per se” offense, the retention of an alcohol expert should be strongly considered, especially if the defendant has a reasonable chance of winning the case and if the consequences of a conviction are likely to be disastrous for the defendant. Alcohol experts are generally more effective in cases involving breath or urine testing than in blood test cases. There are several types of DUI expert witnesses that may be retained by the defendant in a drunk-driving case. Included are such professionals as physicians, forensic toxicologists, medical technologists, and forensic chemists. Some are engaged in private practice, while others can be located through the chemistry, biology, physiology, or pharmacology departments of universities. Retired or former prosecution alcohol experts may also be retained by the defendant if desired. Such witnesses have the advantage of being familiar with trial procedures in drunk or impaired driving cases. Whatever the source, it is important to retain an alcohol expert who is both knowledgeable and impressive on the witness stand. A highly-qualified and credentialed DUI attorney will be familiar with DUI expert witnesses and when to utilize them to challenge aspects of a DUI-DWI case. If you have been arrested for drunk or impaired driving and were subject a state-administered chemical test of your blood alcohol level, find out if an expert witness can help your case. Speak to a specialized criminal defense lawyer today at 1-844-832-6384 or submit your case information for a free case evaluation.