Alabama DUI Laws & Penalties -

Alabama DUI Laws & Penalties


Like any other criminal charge, a defendant accused of DUI-DWI is innocent until proven guilty. If guilt is found and the defendant is convicted, they could be facing serious penalties including fines, loss of driving privileges, and jail time. DUI Laws and Penalties vary by state. Penalties also vary depending on a defendant’s age, aggravating circumstances, and previous DUI convictions. Below is an overview of penalties DUI-DWI defendants could face in Alabama. This should only be used as a guide.

Legal BAC Limits

21 and Over.08%
Under 21.02%

Look back: 10 Years

Look back is the period of time an offense stays on a driver’s record. If a driver is facing a DUI or impaired driving charge, the state could “look back” into the drivers record for this amount of time (varies by state) to determine if they are a repeat offender. This could result in harsher penalties if previously convicted.

Penalties for Refusing To Take State Administered Chemical Test

Below are state minimum penalties if a driver is subject to the implied consent law for failing to submit to a breath, blood, or urine test to determine BAC.

OffenseJail TimeLicense Suspension
1stNo minimum90 Days
2nd5 Days or 30 Days of Community Service1 Year
3rd60 Days1 Year

Penalties for Criminal Case Convictions

If a driver is convicted of DUI in Alabama, due to either a per se or less safe charge, they could be facing the state minimum penalties listed below. It is important to note that state minimum penalties increase if a driver has previous DUI convictions.

OffenseJail TimeFinesLicense Suspension
1stUp to 1 year$600-2,10090 days
2ndUp to 1 year$1,100 - 5,1001 year
3rd60 days - 1 year$2,100 - 10,0003 years

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