DUI Penalties

Penalty for DUI – Drunk Driving Penalties

DUI convictions result in more DUI penalties than just DUI fines and a suspended driver’s license. Defendants also face  possible jail time. DUI penalties vary by state, and any possible aggravating circumstances could increase the consequences of a DUI. Other drunk driving penalties include court-ordered community service, alcohol and drug evaluations, car insurance rate increases or policy cancellation, job loss, discontinued college financial aid, limited travel to other states or countries, and DUI probation.

DUI Penalties

DUI Penalties – Penalties for Drunk Driving – Penalty for Drunk Driving – DUI Court Fines

Courts can require fines to be paid if a defendant is convicted of impaired driving. These DUI court fines can be large and range from $250 to over $20,000, based on each case’s circumstances. Court-ordered fines are in addition to any costs resulting from bail bonds, license reinstatements, restitution, and fines for additional charges.

Suspended Driver’s License – Suspended License

When arrested for a DUI, there is a high chance of losing your driving privileges either through the criminal case or administratively. The amount of time a driver’s license could be suspended generally increases with second DUI convictions. Additionally, many states require a license suspension if the defendant refused to take the state administered DUI breath test. License suspensions due to DUI test refusal are without consideration of guilt.

DUI Jail Time

Several states impose a minimum jail sentence even on first DUI offenses. It should be noted that multiple DWI convictions frequently result in increased jail time. If it’s a felony DUI as a result of habitual violation or injury to others, a defendant could be facing years in prison. Some states, such as Florida and Indiana, have mandated harsher DWI penalties based on the blood alcohol content (BAC) of the defendant. For example, as of the writing this article, Florida can increase a DUI first offender’s jail sentence an additional 3 months if the BAC tested 0.15% or higher.

If you have been charged with drunk driving, don’t throw away your legal options and give in to maximum DUI penalties. Call 1-844-TEAM-DUI (1-844-832-6384) to speak to a top DUI attorney who will evaluate your DUI case and provide options based on your individual situation. You can also fill out a free online case evaluation and a local DUI attorney will contact you shortly after receiving your completed form. To see DUI penalties by state, choose from the list below:
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