DUI Jail Time

You could face DUI jail time after a DUI conviction.
Even if this is your first DUI, most states have a mandatory minimum jail time requirement, usually at least 24 hours. If you have multiple DUI convictions, the minimum DUI jail time goes up steeply. Some states will give you “credit” for the time you spent in jail on the night of your DUI arrest, but other states do not. An experienced DUI attorney will fight hard to reduce DUI jail time, and in place of jail he or she may get the judge to put you on DUI probation, or 6-month voluntary license suspension. Another alternative to jail time is DUI probation which can last from 6 months to years.

If the judge grants DUI probation, you MUST abide by every single DUI probation rule or you will definitely be facing jail time. For example, do not consume alcohol or drugs during your probation period because you are under the constant threat of random drug testing and random alcohol testing.

A DUI ignition interlock device may also be ordered.
Also, as part of your DUI probation, you may be required to install a DUI ignition interlock device on your vehicle. This means that before your engine will start, you have to blow into the ignition interlock device and prove you are not intoxicated.

If you fail the ignition interlock test your probation officer will find out and you will be in more legal trouble. Some people try to override or “game” the device, but you do so at a very serious risk to your freedom.

Any jail in any jurisdiction around the country is not a pleasant place to spend any amount of time. Jails are not designed to be comfortable and are meant to deter criminal behavior on the outside.

Jail time also leads to time off from work, time away from family, and embarrassing explanations as to where you were all day and night.


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