Second DUI Penalties

Second DUI Penalties Are Much Tougher

If you are stopped and arrested for a second DUI-DWI offense while your original DUI case is pending, you may prevent any possibility of negotiating away the first DUI charges, and the court system will come down upon you even harder. It’s amazing how many people get their second DUI very quickly after their first DUI. DO NOT DRIVE OVER THE LEGAL LIMIT AGAIN!

If you get a second DUI, and especially if your DUI arrests are “back to back,” state prosecutors will be very hard to negotiate with, and your DUI lawyer may have a difficult time reducing the severity of your second DUI consequences.

If you have a prior DUI conviction and get a second DUI conviction at a later time, it is likely that the sentence for the second offense DUI will be more severe because of the first conviction or the “deferred adjudication.”  One avenue of attacking the more severe sentence for the second DUI offense is to either seek to vacate or remove the prior DUI conviction, or if possible to attack the proposed use of the prior DUI offense.   Such challenges are rare, but can result in saving your driving privileges and possibly reduce jail time by many days – or even months.

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Mandatory Interlock for Early Reinstatement

After your second DUI conviction a judge may order you to install an ignition interlock device on your car. This device requires that you blow into a breath tester to prove you have not been drinking. If you have, your car won’t start. Typically you will bear the cost of installing an interlock device. Also, if you seek early reinstatement of your driver’s license, a judge may order a mandatory interlock, and you must never fail its built-in breath test.


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