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A Georgia DUI lawyer is one of the most highly-trained and experienced criminal defense attorneys in the country. Given the large number of Georgia drivers, and the popularity of the State as a major tourist destination, Georgia’s roadways are constantly monitored by local police departments, the Georgia State Patrol, and the Night Hawks Task Force to pull over and arrest people who drink and drive. If you live in Georgia, it is almost certain that your have seen special DUI checkpoints set up at night along roads that are home to bars and restaurants. You may have even experienced one and had to roll down your window and present your driver’s license and proof of insurance. The officer has been specially trained to spot impaired drivers through visual cues, “smells,” and driver behavior. If the officer smells alcohol or marijuana, or sees an open container of alcohol or any drug parphrenalia, you will be directed to pull over so you can be subjected to a DUI investigation. This investigation usually involves field sobriety tests, a breathalyzer breath test, and a series of questions that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER! Do not tell the investigating officer where you have been, where you are going, or if you have had anything to drink. You have a constitutuional right not to answer these incriminating questions. The field sobriety tests, including the HGN eye test, the walk and turn, and the one-legged stand ARE ALL VOLUNTARY.

You have the right to remain silent, but the overhwelming majority of drivers who are confronted by a Georgia patrolman feel compelled to tell the officer way too many facts. It is human nature to be polite and cooperative with authority, especially an authority that can put you in jail. But it is very rare that cooperation leads to letting you go. The opposite is almost always true. A Georgia trooper’s job is to conduct a legal and “buy the book” criminal DUI investigation, and then if the officer concludes that you are indeed driving under the influence, you will be handcuffed and taken to the local jail. Everything you said, everything you did, and the results of your breath test will be either recorded on videotape or written up in the officer’s notes.

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