Are you an alcoholic if arrested for DUI? Will you need a substance abuse evaluation?

Just being arrested for DUI does not mean you are an alcoholic. However, it is not uncommon for those who have been charged with DUI to have drinking problems. Getting a substance abuse evaluation and taking time to make an honest assessment of your drinking habits is a good idea. Not only will this help you in court later on, but it can help you with your life in a positive way. Most importantly, it will help you not get arrested for DUI again. Whether you are diagnosed as having a problem or not is not the issue or purpose. The focus is asking the question – Do I have a problem? – and is the best first step to improving your case and your life. Having a substance abuse evaluation also shows that you are not stubborn or in denial. Judges are trained in alcohol rehabilitation. By seeking help, regardless if you need it or not, shows good faith on your part and will help your DUI defense attorney.

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