Georgia DUI Checkpoint Locations

Georgia DUI Checkpoint Locations – When and Where in Georgia Should I Expect to be Stopped?

Many planned Georgia DUI checkpoint “safety checks” are put in place during holidays to locate and arrest drunk drivers, big music festivals or for special celebrations (like the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl or the SEC football championship game). Knowing that drinking and driving at college football games is common, most UGA football home games in Athens and Georgia Southern games held in Statesboro have DUI checkpoint locations set up on roadways departing from the stadium locations.

Due to very heavy post game traffic, these DUI checkpoints are typically put in place about 2 to 3 hours after the home game is over. The Georgia State Patrol Nighthawks, a special DUI task force under the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, typically supervise these DUI checkpoints, either alone or by teaming up with a local police department or Sheriff’s Department to handle the high volume of DUI arrests.

Top-rated criminal defense attorney Bubba Head & his drunk driving defense attorneys across Georgia who are affiliates in 17 cities outside of Atlanta are all experienced criminal defense lawyer and DUI defense attorney professionals. These criminal lawyers average 20+ years of criminal defense attorney experience. DUI checkpoints like the ones in GA are set up all across America, except in the twelve states that constitutionally prohibit a random DUI checkpoint like the ones established to locate DUI drivers. If you have been arrested at a DUI checkpoint, or from a traffic ticket that led to your DUI arrest, let our local, skilled criminal defense attorneys review your DUI road block case to either have it thrown out of court or let us find another way to obtain a reduction of the DUI charge to a lesser offense.

If you are thinking of hiring a Georgia DUI attorney to fight for you, ask questions about his or her experience at challenging roadblocks and winning pretrial motions to have the DUI check points declared to have been illegally established or supervised. Your GA DUI lawyer should know the two most recent Georgia Supreme Court cases (Williams and Brown), and be able to tell you what legal principles those two cases established to change prior DUI appellate law in Georgia. By winning the DUI road block motion, the case against you should be over.

The Atlanta metro counties have the greatest number of GA DUI checkpoints each year, but sports events as mentioned above create aggressive enforcement by police officers in setting up a DUI roadblock at several locations coming from the sports venue location. Our DUI Lawyers in Georgia also have noticed that seasonal events or festivals like Oktoberfest or St. Patrick’s Day will result in more sobriety checkpoint roadblocks being established during these events.

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