How many times will I have to attend court for my DUI?

Your DUI defense lawyer will have you appear in court as little as possible to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. Your time is valuable and no one enjoys going to court. Appearing in court can be an inconvenience and usually involves continuances or delays, which could result in taking multiple days off work. Knowing this, your DUI lawyer will keep your appearances in court to a minimum and may be able to waive your presence at many hearings.

Share your schedule and any travel plans with your attorney so you can work together to lessen your time in court and work towards the best results in your DUI case. Remember – an arrest is not a conviction. A knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer will fully investigate your case and the DUI charges against you and make every effort to avoid a DUI conviction. To speak to a specialized DUI defense attorney, call 1-844-TEAM-DUI (1-844-832-6384) or contact Georgia DUI defense lawyer Chris Schneider directly.

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