Should I use a public defender for my DUI case?

In addition to the stress of being charged with a DUI, some people become so worried about the financial issues that they just apply for a public defender and plead guilty. There are options if you are worried about finances. Most attorneys will accept payment by credit card. If you have family or friends helping with the costs, payments can often be accepted by phone. If you need time to move money around (out of an investment account or similar situation), don’t worry – your TeamDUI lawyer is not going anywhere. They are here to help you. And your first case evaluation is free.

If you have been charged with DUI-DWI, call today to speak to a knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer in your area. Submit your case details, call 1-844-TEAM-DUI (1-844-832-6384) or contact Georgia DUI defense lawyer Allen Trapp directly.

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