What Is An Arraignment In A Georgia DUI Case?

After you have been bonded out of jail after a DUI arrest, your first court date is likely an arraignment. At arraignment, this is typically a time when you are formally notified of the charges against you and servers as a time for your lawyer to talk to the court, and to set your next court appearance. The time of your next court appearance may depend on if you intend to plead guilty or not guilty and allow time to file for pre-trial motions or seek a negotiated plea bargain. In the case of a negotiated plea bargain, the goal is to obtain a dismissal of charges or reduced charges.

In many cases, your DUI lawyer may be able to waiver your appearance for arraignment. This may be helpful if you would need to take time off work or if you are trying to keep a low profile – either due to the risk of losing your job, bad publicity, or any other reason. Your TeamDUI lawyer will be able to enter a not guilty plea for you and will usually file targeted, written motions and demands for discovery upon the prosecutor. This filing will require the prosecutor to turn over every piece of evidence the state has against you.

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