DUI Hardship License

When arrested for DUI-DWI, you could be facing a loss of driving privileges. In some states, such as Georgia and Florida, certain circumstances allow a person convicted of DUI-DWI to obtain a DUI hardship license. A hardship license is available during the license suspension, but limits where the person can drive. Those places usually include your place of employment, doctor appointments, school, alcohol or drug treatments, and DUI/Driving school.

Additionally, states could limit the time of the day, the route, and the types of vehicles you are permitted to drive. For example, CDL drivers are not permitted to operate a commercial vehicle on a temporary hardship license. Aggravating circumstances or repeat offenders could be limited even more or not be eligible at all.

It is also important to note that immediate revocation and additional suspension time could result from any violation of the assigned limitations.

If you are unsure if your DUI-DWI case will be eligible for a DUI hardship license, call us at 1-844-832-6384 to speak to a DUI attorney. The highly-skilled and knowledgeable attorneys at TeamDUI.com are able to fight for your rights and advise you of your license options.

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