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The legal system in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia is confusing and intimidating to the average citizen - but not to our veteran DUI defense attorneys. Our drunk driving defense lawyers have successfully defended thousands of clients who faced life-altering drunk driving charges, at both the misdemeanor level and felony DUI-DWI. When it comes to impaired driving cases, you must start fighting from day 1 following your DUI arrest. This is because the immediate appeal of an administrative license suspension or revocation has a very short time window for you to appeal. Although this is the civil part of your case, the same criminal DUI attorney handles this aspect of the impaired driving case. These civil law appeals are critically important to preserve some legal right to drive, whereas not acting results in total license suspension or revocation in most states. You will be pressed by the arresting officer to plead guilty to avoid the administrative license suspension or revocation, but follow your legal advocate's advice.

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The criminal trial lawyers at TeamDUI.com have highly credentialed DUI lawyers near me with successful track records in their respective states. On the applicable page, each member lists his or her years of criminal defense law practice, samples of prior case victories, plus attorney ratings with the actual comments published by satisfied clients. This helps you select a DUI lawyer near me who has proven legal industry ratings. Check out each DWI lawyer’s credentials, including awards, prior speaker presentations, attorney reviews, and other industry recognition. You need top-notch criminal legal representation during one of the most difficult times in anyone’s life. Shift the burden on your shoulders to your attorney for DUI's shoulders. When searching in certain states for the best DUI lawyers near me, you may get better local results by using the correct acronym for that state. For example, you should search for OWI lawyers near me in Michigan and Indiana. Oregon calls their driving under the influence attorneys "DUII lawyers." Wyoming uses DWUI. Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island refer to their drunk driving lawyers as "OUI attorney."

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