I was arrested for DUI in Georgia. I have heard about attending DUI School. Do I need to go ahead and attend this?

If you fight your case and win it, the DUI course is not required. However, almost every person convicted of DUI (Driving under the Influence) in Georgia, as well as some other criminal offenses such as possession of illegal drugs, underage possession of alcohol when you were operating a vehicle, or BUI (Boating under the Influence) MUST get the certificate of completion before resuming driving after license reinstatement. Getting the course completed will be a pre-requisite for EVERY person convicted of DUI in Georgia, if he or she plans to EVER drive in GA again. Additionally, in most GA DUI cases that START OUT as alcohol impaired or drug impaired driving while intoxicated arrests, and are later reduced to a non-DUI disposition by virtue of your TEAMDUI.com defense advocate’s efforts, attendance of this “educational” course is usually negotiated by your DUI lawyer as part of the reduced plea or may be mandated by the sentencing judge. Similarly, after a drug possession offense ages off, and you are eligible to reinstate, this course is required, or you are not eligible to drive again.

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