If I get a DUI and lose my license, can I get a work permit?

If I get a DUI and lose my license, can I get a work permit?


If I get a DUI and lose my license, can I get a work permit?

When a driver has too many tickets or their license is revoked or suspended for DUI, they may be able to get a restricted license, hardship license, or limited driving privilege for driving to and from certain places. This restricted license allows a motorist to meet their obligations that require driving and avoid losing their job.

To qualify for a hardship license, a motorist often must prove to the DMV that they need to drive to the place of employment, school, medical appointments (for the driver, not others), probation meetings, and anything else mandated by a person's conviction.

Not all driving privileges are restored with a hardship license. There are numerous conditions that specify where and when a person can drive. This can even be limited to certain routes and certain times in some states when driving to and from certain permitted places.


How to Apply for a Hardship License

Be sure to find out the process for the state to check you are obtaining the restricted license. In most cases, the motorist is required to submit an application through the DMV. In some cases, the DMV or judge may require the motorist to attend a hearing to motorist will get the hardship license and with what restrictions.

There may be a prerequisite for obtaining a hardship license. This prerequisite by being the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID).

If I motorist will usually have their hardship license revoked, they are caught violating the conditions of their hardship.

For the state of Georgia, the work permit for 1st DUI offense is 12 days. The work permit license does not reinstate itself, so the motorist must go to the DDS to fully have their license reinstated. Make sure to bring your Secure ID documents again, along with your DUI School certificate and $210.00 for your reinstatement fee.

Things to remember when it comes to a Hardship License:

  • You cannot drive a commercial vehicle on a limited permit. CDL drivers can get a permit to drive an ordinary vehicle.
  • The permit does not apply to people who hold a license in another state. Whether a person can get a permit in their home state is controlled by the laws of that state.
  • Out-of-state drivers, however, must still reinstate their privilege to drive in Georgia, regardless of the license consequences in their home state. The procedure is similar. DUI School must be completed, and the reinstatement fee can be paid by mail. If the privilege to drive in Georgia is not restored, then that person can never drive again in the state of Georgia and is subject to arrest if caught. Out-of-state DUI School is sometimes allowed. A list of approved in-state and out-of-state programs can be viewed here.
  • Georgia will not issue the permit unless a person has physically turned in their license or completed a lost license affidavit. As a result, the driver's license can be permanently suspended until there is proof that the person is no longer carrying a license (even if suspended).
  • A person does not qualify for a limited permit for a second DUI in a five-year period until the driver has had at least a 120-day hard suspension. Any permit for a repeat offender will then require that the driver install an ignition interlock device on their car.
  • If you work odd hours and are likely to be stopped by the police at night, carry with you proof of employment listing those hours. Many police officers will not believe you unless you can prove you were going to work or home from work if you work the “night shift.”
  • The permit (and this does not make any sense) does not allow for grocery shopping or taking children to and from school or their activities. In the event such driving is needed, discuss those circumstances with your Georgia DUI Lawyer.

Eligibility for Second -DUI Offenders within Five Years

You must be over 21 and wait a full 12 months prior to seeking any Limited Permit if you have a second DUI conviction.  Then, you must meet all DDS conditions including completion of DHR treatment, getting an ignition interlock installed and paid for, showing proof of insurance coverage, etc. This permit is good for 6 months, at a minimum, where only limited privileges are possible.

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