If I go to the Risk Reduction School, what is involved in getting enrolled and starting the Risk Reduction Course in Georgia?

The basic Risk Reduction (also known as Driving School) course in GA is a 20-hour program, but you start the process by being assessed by a State certified alcohol and drugs addiction counselor. This assessment is designed to help identify problem drinkers and to determine what level of treatment is needed for you. This two-step process consists of an assessment component and an intervention component should be expected. The typical intervention for most first lifetime offenders who don’t show signs of addiction is attending the twenty hour DUI school course that is broken into sessions on 3 or more days, two of which are almost always Saturday and Sunday. The different school offer a variety of schedules, and may offer courses in languages other than English. Both components must be successfully completed in order to obtain a certificate of completion. Be sure to ask your TEAMDUI.com attorney for a local list of certified treatment providers. Going to the wrong counselor may result in having to get a new assessment done.

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