Roadside Agility Tests and Eye Test

With the help of our federal government, police officers have been ENABLED to arrest more people and get more convictions through a simple 3-step plan:

  1. Manufacture some roadside agility exercises through an unpublished, non-peer reviewed “study” and falsely claim that the evaluations are “reliable” TO MAKE AN ARREST DECISION of a DUI-DWI suspect.
  2. Use carefully orchestrated phrasing that is designed to psychologically coerce or trick DUI-DWI suspects into attempting to do a set of unknown agility and eye tests, which are 100% optional and voluntary. Most people who have not been advised by a DUI lawyer to REFUSE these evaluations think that they may be allowed to leave the scene of a DUI-DWI investigation, if they do the “few simple tests.”
  3. Train police officers in a manner that misleads and misinforms them of the TRUE reliability of these “tests” so that they are brainwashed to believe that — in giving the standardized field sobriety evaluations — that they can accurately predict who is impaired and who is not impaired at the roadside, when – in fact – they would make the correct decision to arrest or not arrest by merely talking to or observing the individual or (when the person being investigated agrees to submit) by using a preliminary screening or detection device that would give them a ballpark estimate of the suspect’s alcohol level.

If every person detained and suspected of drunken driving REFUSED to submit to roadside agility and eye evaluations, thereby avoiding the biased, unreliable and non-scientific “decision” to arrest, primarily on THAT bogus “evidence,” many drivers would walk away from a drunk driving charge, rather than be convicted on this counterfeit “evidence.” If you are looking for a DUI attorney to fight your impaired driving charges, never hire ANY criminal defense lawyer who advises you that you SHOULD participate in these phony “tests.”

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