Remain Silent - Protect Your Legal Rights -

Remain Silent – Protect Your Legal Rights


Remain Silent - Protect Your Legal Rights

What you say is the most devastating part of your case. The number one rule for protecting your legal rights when being investigated for drunk driving is to remain silent. Answer no questions except whether you will take the Implied Consent test. Most people being detained for suspected DUI charges DO NOT EXERCISE THEIR RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT, AND do not DEMAND to speak to an Attorney, and usually admit to taking whatever medications he or she was prescribed to take. Some people even admit to using illegal drugs, such as heroin, marijuana, or cocaine, once a well-trained officer makes it sound like he or she KNOWS what the person has been using. Be aware that (in Georgia) you do not have the right to speak to counsel BEFORE you decide whether you are going to submit to breath testingblood testing, or urine testing, so you must know your legal rights to AN INDEPENDENT TEST or TESTS. After you have submitted to the officer’s requesting tests, if an officer fails to reasonably accommodate your request for one or more types of independent tests, then any breath, blood, or urine tests collected by the police will be excluded from being used against you at trial. You should learn — by heart — the 5 important rules about What to Say and Do if Requested to Take a Breath or Blood Test in Georgia.

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