Uber Breathalyzer Launches

Uber announces a free breath test
Private car driver service Uber is trying out free public Uber breathalyzer kiosks in Toronto. Potential Uber customers can blow into a breathalyzer to see their blood alcohol content level, or BAC. If you are over the legal limit, Uber offers a free ride home. A disposable straw is provided for each breath test. There is also proposed legislation that will make breathalyzers mandatory in every US vehicle sold. These machines are called ignition interlock devices, and they are mandatory for a lot of DUI repeat offenders, DUI habitual violators, and multiple DUI offenses.

The current legal blood alcohol content level limit in all states is 0.08% for drivers over 21. For underage drivers the BAC limit is overwhelmingly set at 0.02%. If you have a DUI ignition interlock device on your car and you blow over the legal limit, your car will not start. Also, your breath test results will be recorded and passed onto your DUI probation officer.